Research Reels

Research Reels videos can be watched in our Exhibitors area within the Cvent platform.

As an additional way of encouraging student work in energy economics IAEE is encouraging students to submit their work for “Research reels” sessions. This session is replacing the traditional Poster session. Entrants must be a member of IAEE and a full-time student (where a full-time student is defined as being registered full-time according to the definition of their respective academic institution and not employed full-time) at the time of submission. At this unique event, students will be able to present their recent academic work, completed or in progress, to all conference delegates in a specially designed networking session. Posters and the presentations will be judged* by an independent panel and a single cash prize of €1000 will be awarded to the student with the best research reels presentation.

Chair: Associate Professor Cédric Clastres, University of Grenoble

Senior Scientist Barbara Antonioli Mantegazzini, Institute for Economic Research (IRE),Università della Svizzera italiana
Assistant Professor Claire Bergaentzlé, Denmark Technical University
Professor Pierre Olivier Pineau, HEC Montreal, Vice President for Academic Affairs IAEE

Abstracts for the Research Reels Session must be submitted by the deadline of April 1, 2021. Students will be notified by April 15, 2021 of their abstract status. Students whose abstracts are accepted will have until May 15, 2021, to submit their final video for streaming during the Research Reels Session. Students will be invited to be present during this session in order to answer delegates’ questions. The winner of the Research Reels Session will be announced during the conference’s Award Session on Thursday 10 June.

It is optional for Research Reels Session participants to also submit a paper concerning the work that is the subject of their video — submission deadline is on June 1, 2021.

If the same paper is submitted for the Best Paper Award and the Research Reel Session and selected as a finalist in both sessions, the student must nominate to appear in one competition or the other but not both.

The judging criteria will be as follows:

  1. Originality and novelty of student's work
  2. Presentation and Q&A
  3. Alignment with overall conference theme "Energy, Covid and Climate Change"

Tips for producing your video:

Know your topic well. You can prepare a script and read it from your computer but try to make it as natural as possible.

Key to a successful lecture is to look confident and looking directly into the lens of the camera.  

Here are a couple of suggestions for your recording on Zoom:

  • Find a place where you can stand up and wear a headset. This will give you more freedom to move around, and your audience will feel more engaged with your presentation (see image below).
  • Choose a clear background.
  • Max length of your video presentation: 6 minutes
  • You need to present your PPT slides and they will be part of the assessment
  • Connect the pc to the router with a cable if possible
  • Try to deliver your presentation in one take.


Enter your zoom room to record your video session. During the session, you may make use of screensharing (slides, pictures, other videos from your browser) and you can be in front of the camera in full screen (especially for intro and outro).

How to structure your video: tell us a story!

1 – Find a hook
Catch your viewer attention in the first 3 seconds
2- What
Give a summary of your work and set the scene: challenges addressed, main findings
3- Go in depth
Give us concrete details and sources; provide a clear (visual) overview on your data
4- Call to action
Invite us to learn more with a link, or to engage in a subject/mission

Instagram reels for #IAEE2021online

Would you like to get more visibility prior to the conference while engaging with other researchers worldwide? Create an Instagram reel highlighting your work, tagging IAEE or using the conference hashtag. We will repost it!